Reflective Dots/Squares/Arrows/Triangles/Stars


Engineer Grade Ultra Reflective Vinyl

Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles and Stars

ASTM D4956 Type 1

Outdoor rating of 7 years

Uses glass bead technology

Will adhere to almost any smooth, clean surface.

Designed for Emergency vehicles but can be applied to anything you want seen at night. (trailers, gates, poles, traffic cones, vehicles, boats, campers, helmets, mailboxes, etc)

Simply peel the backing off and smooth in to place with a squeegee or clean cloth.

ELG - Eight Colors

Dots are either 0.75 inch or 1 inch in diameter.




Stars - picture taken without flash and a picture taken with flash.



Email me,, for pricing of larger quantities than listed below.


20 - 0.75" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars    $8.59

50 - 0.75" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars    $14.00

100 - 0.75 Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars   $19.50


20 - 1" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Starts  $8.89

50 - 1" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars     $15.30

100 - 1" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars  $25.30


20 - 1.25" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars  $9.59

50 - 1.25" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars  $15.99

100 - 1.25" Dots, Squares, Arrows, Triangles, or Stars $26.59


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